What To Do When Gas Leaks

You must have a gas stove at home. If you need a refill, you can visit our website for fill propane tank near me. This is what you do if you suspect a gas cylinder is leaking

Don’t panic and stay calm Unplug the gas regulator Do not operate power tools or touch electrical outlets or electrical-connected electronic equipment Don’t light cigarettes and matches that can cause the fire to spread easily Open the door and window wide If the smell is too strong, immediately leave the house

Call an emergency telephone number in your area, or immediately rush to the hospital, if the poisoning victim experiences one of these things:

Drowsiness or unconsciousness Having respiratory problems or stopping breathing An uncontrollable feeling of excitement or anxiety Experience seizures

If gas exposure:

Nasal inhalation: Evacuate to the open with fresh air as soon as possible. Causes vomiting: Tilt your head to the side to prevent choking. Causing the victim to lose consciousness or not showing vital signs, such as not moving, breathing, or coughing, immediately do cardiac resuscitation (CPR).

If a fire has appeared, this is what you can do

Prepare sacks, sheets, towels, mats, or other types of cloth Wet the sack or cloth until it feels heavy Cover the fire with a sack or cloth so the fire dies Unplug the gas regulator After that, do the same thing with the steps above.

Gas leaks are indeed dangerous and sometimes unexpected. Therefore, it is very important for you and your family to know how to prevent it. The following are things you can do to prevent gas cylinders from leaking.

Ensure that the gas regulator installation is right Check gas cylinders, regulators, and hoses regularly to make sure there is no damage. Damage can occur due to age or other factors such as rat bites Buy gas, regulator, hose, and stove from a clear place with a brand that has a certificate.

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