Tips on How to Make a Stronger Password

A friend of mine once asked for help to repair the damage inside his WordPress blog. Then he gave me a username and password. At that time I was very surprised because the WP login blog password was very easy and vulnerable to being hijacked. At that time he used the username “admin” and the password “123456789”. I immediately asked to replace it with a new username and password that is not common. Meanwhile, perhaps the can also help you to improve the security of your gadgets.

Same is the case with email accounts and social media accounts. We should not use passwords that are very predictable and vulnerable to being taken over by others. Examples of passwords that are not strong: password, 123456789, secret, name.

If you currently use a password model like this, then you should immediately replace it before becoming a victim of piracy. Indeed a strong password does not always guarantee the security of our account, but at least we have provided much better security.

Using Unique Symbols in a Password

One way to make your account password or password stronger is to use symbols.

Example: | = (0_ +)? or! ~ (-_- “) ~? or * 8 (^_^) ~! and many more, this is just an example!

The combination of these symbols does look quite simple, but it is much stronger than the common password above.

Using Numbers and Symbols

Another way to create strong and easy to remember passwords is to combine unique numbers and symbols. What we need to remember is creating a combination of numbers and symbols that are easy to remember.

Examples: 19 + 20 = 39 or (10 + 10) x10 = 200 and many more, this is just an example.

Using a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols in a password

I think this is the best way to make stronger passwords. Usually, passwords like this cannot be penetrated by people who are not responsible for using complicated variations.

For example Str0n9_Pass-w0rD or 3xce | _ | _En7 !!!

At first glance, we see like cringe children’s language. However, a password like this is the safest and almost impossible to solve by a thief.

Although the characters we create consist of a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols, it would be better if the created password had a meaning to make it easier to remember.

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