Regular Golf Play Can Reduce Weight

In theory, golf cannot control one’s weight. Sports carried out by swinging sticks and walking on this field are more accurately considered as social sports. This is because golf is played by a group of people, allowing players to interact with other golfers. Meanwhile, perhaps you need to check out the best bangkok golf course by the time you visit Thailand.

This game is also more effective for improving mental health because it can reduce stress due to dense daily activities. While the benefits of golf for health and weight loss depend on the intensity of the golf game performed by each individual.

How to lose weight by playing golf

To be able to lose weight and provide health benefits, then playing golf that you do is at least able to burn large amounts of calories in the body. Each player certainly has a number of calories burned which varies depending on gender, age, player weight, and fitness level.

You need to know that in one hour of playing golf, there are around 264-450 calories (low intensity) or 531-2,467 calories (high intensity) per 18 holes. Older male golfers with heavier or thinner weight burn more calories.

To be able to get the maximum benefit from golf, at least you also have to spend around 150 minutes a week playing golf with moderate intensity. When calculated from a distance of 18 holes, it can reach 4 to 8 miles per match.

Players who walk while carrying heavy bags throughout the game are certainly able to burn large amounts of calories than players who ride golf carts from one hole to another.

Unfortunately, because the design of the golf course is hilly or far away, sometimes managers of golf courses require players to go around the field using golf carts. This certainly results in the number of calories burned can vary.

Even though successful golfers burn a lot of calories when playing golf, it does not always result in a significant change in body mass index (BMI). Even sometimes a golfer’s body mass index is no better than a non-golfer. This indicates that golf does not provide a significant role in controlling body weight.

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