Now Available, Anti-theft Backpack Suitable for “Traveling”

When traveling, we must be aware of thieves and pickpockets. Not infrequently, tourists experience a scam or get picked up in other countries, especially big cities. A Dutch design company, XD Design, made an anti-theft bag called “Bobby”. The Smarter Travel website says Bobby is a bag that is safe to use not only for travelers but also residents of big cities. So, make your travel safe by using this bag.

Citing the official website of XD Design, Bobby is a backpack made of cut-proof material, aka material that cannot be cut or torn. This is based on research that pickpockets usually tear someone’s bag using a cutter to take its contents. From the outside, Bobby did not appear to have a zipper. In fact, the zipper is intentionally placed hidden in the back of the bag. In addition, Bobby also has several other features, such as a USB charging port, waterproof cloth, also a design that has a weight balance so you will not feel sore when carrying lots of things.

The inside of this backpack also has lots of pockets and pockets so that your things stay organized even in one bag. Bobby is also very stylish and is available in three colors, namely gray, red, and black. To have an anti-thief-designed backpack, you have to spend around 106 US dollars. Currently, Bobby can be purchased on the Firstshotz website. XD Design said they are currently reproducing this backpack so that the stock will be available again in November 2016.

If you have never had an anti-theft backpack, you might be wondering why this backpack is so important. It’s clear that crime rates are increasing throughout the world. So, protecting your things to be safe is very important.

Apart from increasing crime, the items we carry now are also very important. If you imagine 30 years ago, maybe we would just lose our wallet and key in the backpack. But now, we have cards, laptops, wallets, smartphones, keys and other things that are full of sensitive information.

Imagine if you go around the world and suddenly your passport and credit card are lost or while riding the train to work, your laptop is stolen from the bag? This is the use of anti-theft backpacks, which prevent theft and provide other benefits such as ergonomic construction and stylish designs.

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