How to Remove the Door Lock to be Replaced

Change is good, moreover when it related to your safety. Including changing door locks. This is a simple task, and only takes a few minutes, but requires your peace of mind. This article will show you how to change the door lock. If you need help, you can find the best helpful resources.

Determine the key brands that you have. This is usually printed on the hook, but can also be found on the key body. You don’t need long to replace the right key, as long as you know the brand, shape, settings, and old key features will help you ensure that the new key looks right. Replacing your key with the same basic brand and style will help ensure that there is no need to modify your door.

Measure your doorknob. Often, hooking the front door lock and rear door will be bigger than the key hook in the interior. Knowing the previous size will help you avoid mistaking or misplacing it.

Remove the inner knob, if possible. Remove the spring that is on the door handle. Then the doorknob will come off easily, and you will see a decorative cover.

Remove the interior of the decorative cover. Covering screws may not be visible after you release the button. If present, remove and store in an easily accessible place. If it is not seen, look at the edge if there is one, where they hide a bolt. If there is no intended hole or screw, the plate must be somewhere else. Use a flat screwdriver to release the cover, a locking mechanism will appear.

Unload key parts by removing the two inner screws. Remove the screw that is the inner security of the lock to the outside of the lock. Inside you will see a part of the knob. When the screw is removed, you will easily remove part of the knob from the door.

Remove the bundle latching the door. Remove the two screws from the collection of door latches next to the door. Also, remove the locking plate on the frame.

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