Causes of depression that we must know

Depression can occur at any age, but depression usually starts at adulthood. The specific causes of depression are still unknown, presumably, this condition occurs due to a combination of genetic, biological, psychological, and environmental factors. In the meantime, you can go to the trusted and reliable ayhuasca retreat center in South America, especially if you don’t want to rely on the conventional treatments and therapies for curing your depression anymore.

There are several facts that genetic factors are thought to influence the incidence of depression:

Nearly 50% of people who have twins who suffer from depression also have a tendency to experience depression.

Someone who has a nuclear family has experienced depression, three times more prone to depression than those who don’t.

But surely the location of the gene abnormality cannot yet be determined.

Although depression can develop without being preceded by a trigger factor, some of the conditions below are thought to increase a person’s risk for depression. Among others are:

Experience a traumatic event. Some examples of events or circumstances that can trigger depression include torture or abuse, the death of a person, problems in relationships (marriage, friendship, family, love, and coworkers), and economic difficulties.

Having certain diseases. Sometimes depression arises as a reaction to an illness that is being suffered, such as a head injury and interference with thyroid hormones. Some chronic and life-threatening diseases can also trigger depression. Examples are HIV / AIDS, coronary heart disease, diabetes, or cancer.

Have a certain personality. Feeling inferior, too hard at self-assessment, pessimistic, or too dependent on others, can increase a person’s risk for depression.

Drugs and alcohol dependence. Many of us try to run from problems by using narcotics and alcoholic drinks. Even though the two things just can trigger depression or aggravate depression.

Certain drugs. Some drugs can increase a person’s risk of depression. Examples are sleeping pills and medications for hypertension.

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